Top tips for analysing Tennis with CoachCam

Tennis is a sport which has been played around the world for years. The game has developed into a tactical and high paced sport which relies on a coaches’ analysis to allow the player to improve and identify technical errors in their game. With this being the era of technology, companies are developing ways [...]

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Individual Analysis

CoachCam: One-to-One! Performing one-to-one coaching has many different benefits as you are able to focus in on that player’s individual needs and requirements. The same applies when it comes to performing video analysis sessions with your players. Of course, you can go into small details about certain individuals or groups of people (position specific) [...]

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Introducing CoachCam 1.5 for iOS

It’s time for a new outlook on video analysis! After listening to our users, our tech department have been working furiously to release CoachCam 1.5 (for iOS) which debuts the brand new feature - Portrait Mode. But would does this mean for CoachCam and more importantly how is it going to improve our app? [...]

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How to Analyse a Video

How to Analyse a Video Performance analysis is currently one of the hottest and fastest growing trends in sport today and it’s easy to understand why. That said the question of “How to analyse a video?” still remains. By providing the ability to Record, Edit, Analyse & Create performance videos, CoachCam makes it simple and easy to not only evaluate [...]

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Meet your new assistant coach

Meet Your New Assistant Coach One of the most significant developments within sport over the past three decades is the ever increasing implementation of technology. Technology not only comes in all shapes and sizes but also effects an incredibly diverse number of aspects within sport. In terms of elite competition, technology is now well established [...]

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