Team CoachCam caught up with CNS Coaching Director and Head Coach Clint Nelson ‐ home of the ♯littlebarcelonas. CNS are a soccer coaching company operating in two locations within Wicklow and South Dublin. Earlier this year CNS Coaching started using CoachCam ‐ here’s their story!

Why did you pick CoachCam?

We were looking for a long time, for the right technology to bring into CNS. Video analysis plays huge part in modern day sports and being able to help your players improve by visually showing them is a massive tool to have to aid their development. We needed something that we could easily present feedback to our players on the training pitch, that’s where CoachCam comes in.

Possibly my favourite thing about using CoachCam is that you can create a video anywhere in the world and at any moment you can take out your phone and get to work. The way you guys have created the app is unreal and makes analysing so easy and effective.

CoachCam Video Analysis

Where did you hear about us?

Fortunately, I discovered the app on Twitter (@sts_coachcam)

CoachCam Video Analysis

What’s the best feature / tool to use on CoachCam?

For me the best feature is the content button, it’s probably the least fancy compared to circling players or moving players but for me the content button is the most effective and the one that I use the most.

How will CoachCam be beneficial to your company?

The biggest benefit for us will be with player & coach development, it has transformed the way we give our players feedback and they absolutely love it.

CoachCam Video Analysis

Would you recommend CoachCam?

100% yes we seriously can’t recommend it enough, every coach that is responsible for a group of players should be using CoachCam.

Could you sum up CoachCam in 3 words?

Effective, professional and cool

CoachCam Video Analysis

Clint Nelson is the founder of CNS and when he created the Academy his vision was to create a place where children could come and enjoy playing the sport they love without any unnecessary pressure been put on them, so the aim was to create a place where the children’s enjoyment and development come first before anything and everything.

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