Nearly a year ago we launched CoachCam into the big wide world and it’s been quite a busy time for Team CoachCam. Performance analysis and, in particular video analysis, has become an essential component in the quest to improve performance in a wide range of sports. Not only is it relevant, it’s trendy and with CoachCam it’s affordable to every level of coach.

Our recent customer feedback survey gave us some insightful information as to what you like and how we can improve to help you take your analysis to the next level.

Users from multiple sports including football, rugby, field hockey and rowing from over seven countries participated in the survey. A staggering 95% said that technology was important within their sport to help players to develop (the last 5% saying it was ‘maybe’ important). Let’s see what else CoachCam users thought..

CoachCam Video Analysis - User Survey

Users also shared feedback as to how much information they receive from us, pricing options and their first impressions of CoachCam and we came out on top – it’s nice to know you think we are doing a good job! We also asked customers what they would like to see in the future with CoachCam including new developments and potentially a desktop version.

So what happens now?

All the information has been fed back to our development team who have reassessed our road map and taken on board all the information you have provided. We will continue to develop the app and push out new features ensuring you can always create the best analysis videos with CoachCam… watch this space!