Tennis is a sport which has been played around the world for years. The game has developed into a tactical and high paced sport which relies on a coaches’ analysis to allow the player to improve and identify technical errors in their game. With this being the era of technology, companies are developing ways in which players and coaches can analyse their game. CoachCam is an app which can be downloaded onto Apple and Android devices and can be used to analyse a variety of sports. The sport I chose to use this for was Tennis.

CoachCam allows you to import videos you may have filmed on your phone or elsewhere into the app and also allows you to take videos through the app in order to edit them in the way you choose. For example, like you would see after a football match where the pundits analyse the performance of teams by drawing arrows as to where the player could have gone to get themselves in a better position. This is exactly the same for tennis. As tennis is all about getting yourself into the best position on the court possible in order to play the most effective shots to take charge of the point, CoachCam is a very useful tool for players.

I found CoachCam useful for tennis in a variety of ways. For one, tennis has become such a fast-paced game that small errors in technique can often be difficult to pinpoint and be corrected. However, by using the app you can freeze the video and highlight areas which need attention. You can select from a variety of shapes and colours to highlight the specific area of the body and add a text box to describe what it is that the player could improve upon.

Secondly, getting yourself into the right position on the court in tennis is essential. Therefore, when using the app, I’ve found it very useful using the arrow tab. By pausing the video I was able to add an arrow into the clip as to where I thought the player could have placed the ball instead to possibly reach a different outcome in the point.

Lastly, the arrows are also useful for showing how much space the player may be leaving around them on the court which could be used to the advantage of their opponent. The text boxes also come in handy for this as you can comment on different sections of the video to possibly allow the player to understand what their coach would recommend they do to be more successful in such situation on court, for example.

I would highly recommend the CoachCam app for any tennis player keen to analyse their performance.