It’s time for a new outlook on video analysis!

After listening to our users, our tech department have been working furiously to release CoachCam 1.5 (for iOS) which debuts the brand new feature – Portrait Mode. But would does this mean for CoachCam and more importantly how is it going to improve our app?

New View, New Outlook

CoachCam Video Analysis

Being able to access videos in Portrait mode increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the CoachCam app we all know and love. The major benefit of the new mode is that it displays your videos in the best possible format: be it horizontally (landscape mode) or vertically (portrait mode), making it easier to add those all-important analysis points. Making it ideal for examining individual sports such as golf, tennis or gymnastics. Even fitness based exercises usually performed in the gym like squats or deadlifts are now prime candidates to be CoachCam’d to help analyse that all important technique.

Not everything has changed, we’ve kept all of our best features! Videos can still either be recorded in the CoachCam app or uploaded from your device, providing you access to analyse all your video content. Additionally, your videos will also be exported in portrait mode helping you to create the best possible analysis videos to share with your athletes and fellow coaches.

Improved User Interface

CoachCam Video Analysis

Another advantage of Portrait mode is the improved user interface (the way we work and use CoachCam to you and me). The icons including the colours, are larger making it easier to select your tool of choice. This means that users will now be able to create CoachCam videos with one hand when using smaller devices!

Why not check it out for yourself? Download the CoachCam 1.5 for iOS:

CoachCam Video Analysis on the Apple App Store

Android user? Don’t worry we are busy working on the new release for Android ‐ it just takes a little longer because there are so many different kinds of devices so watch this space for updates!