In today’s coaching world it has become the norm to be able to use #sportstech as a coach.  Sports technology has affected just about every aspect of viewing, playing, coaching, refereeing and working within sports. The Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland, introduce many different aspects of technology into their undergraduate and postgraduate courses to ensure students are experienced in using technology before they set out into the big bad world.

The makers of CoachCam (Sport Technology Services, (STS)) and the Robert Gordon University have a long established connection through working together on various projects.  We continue to develop CoachCam, working with the Knowledge Transfer Partnership within the School of Computing Science and Digital Media at RGU and another member of the STS team currently completing their PhD in Coaching Science.  In early 2016, with the introduction of CoachCam – Video Analysis App to the market, Team CoachCam ventured into a new partnership with the Sport and Exercise Science department.

This partnership was created to introduce students to new #sportstech and coaching techniques using technology. CoachCam was very well received by lecturers and was swiftly integrated into coaching courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level.  We are also working with a number of students who assist us in testing CoachCam prior to release, which helps us ensure that we are releasing the best possible versions onto the market.

CoachCam has been used not only by the students but also by the staff in their extra coaching activities outside of lecturing. Donnie MacDonald, Subject Lead for Sport and Exercise Science has been using CoachCam to coach Scottish National basketball development squads.


“I have used CoachCam when working on tactical elements of play in training with national basketball development squads and found it a very helpful tool to help players visualise spacing and movement on the floor. CoachCam’s features really engaged the players in the presentation which meant they carried the information over into their play more easily. As a result of success using CoachCam as a coach myself, I have now integrated its use into my teaching of Sport and Exercise Science students at Robert Gordon University.”

Donnie MacDonald, Subject Lead for Sport and Exercise Science , Robert Gordon University

Byran McCann, Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science also commented on the link between the University and the company and the benefits it brings to the students

“Our BSc (Hons) Applied Sport and Exercise Science students have had the opportunity to gain free access to the CoachCam software in exchange for providing useful feedback that can help improve the product.  This engagement with industry partners has allowed the students involved to not only gain access to a useful tool for use during their studies but also an excellent opportunity to develop their employability and professional skills by working with a company to undertake this product testing.”

Bryan McCann, Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science , Robert Gordon University

The CoachCam team are working with students who are assisting us in a range of sports including tennis, table tennis, athletics, football, rugby, swimming, golf, basketball, and resistance training – to mention a few. It’s a fantastic opportunity to see and learn how individuals use CoachCam to provide feedback or communicate with peers and even self-teach for improvement. The students are also helping us gain access to local sports clubs and coaches which have been a huge asset to the CoachCam team.

Head on over to our YouTube page to check out some of the videos the students have been creating. Recently one student complimented the ‘new look’ feel we have added to the App stating…

“In terms of the new layout, I particularly like the colour scheme used, as it is easy to the eye when roaming about CoachCam. Also, the layout of the App is clear, with the main menu being easy to access. Within the main menu, there are clear instructions where to go, in terms of finding the correct department. Overall, I found CoachCam easy to work and clearly laid out, which is what I look for when I am using an App.”

Feedback like this is so important to us at CoahCam to learn what users like and what they think about CoachCam. It’s fantastic that we have the opportunity to work with students from a range of different sporting backgrounds who use the CoachCam App for different reasons.

CoachCam is an ideal price for students (£5.99 /mo. or £32.99 / yr.) making it accessible and possible for students to access technology that could set them apart from other coaches when it comes to job hunting.

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