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Record it

How do I get videos into CoachCam?

Nice and easy! Record live via the app or record a video that saves onto your camera roll. If a video is on your camera roll then you can import it into CoachCam when you open the app.

Hints and tips: Remember CoachCam works best on shorter clips of video rather than a whole game. We recommend using a clip from around 1minute to 6 minutes for maximum output.

Share it

How do I get videos out of CoachCam?

Once you are finished creating your analysis clip. Select the ‘export’ button on the button right on the main menu. The clip will then save to your camera roll in MP4 file. You can then share the clip how you wish via email / social media / using sharing tools such as Dropbox, Google Drive etc. (please remember the file may be quite large depending on the size and quality of your video so using a cloud based sharing tool is probably best)

Hints and tips: Please check out our YouTube page for how to export using different 3rd party apps.

Billing & In-App Purchases

How does the free trial work?

Give us a go for FREE for 7 days! You will have access to all the features as you would when you pay for the app. This will allow you to see if the app is for you. You can sign up at anytime during your 7 day free trial!

I have an Android device - how do I get a free trial?

Our team will happily get you set up with a free trial. Pop us an email to (we are busy working on the update for Android just now so there will also soon be a free trial for Android users)

Can I cancel?

You can easily cancel anytime you like, online, any time of the day (monthly subscribers). There are no strings attached, meaning no nasty long-term contracts or cancellation fees. Just log into your CoachCam account via and select ‘manage subscription’. If however you have an annual subscription, we don’t offer refunds during your subscription time.

I bought the App thinking it was for PC / Mac. Can I have a refund?

We will happily adjust the refund minus a small admin fee for this as our website does say it’s an App. The price will depend on which subscription / package you have taken out.

Can I be invoiced for our subscriptions or pay another way?

Oh yes! If you are a company or looking to bulk purchase a few licences we can prepare an invoice with details for a BACS transfer and VAT details. Just drop us an email if you want to go down this route

I don’t need to pay VAT, can you remove it?

Sadly this is not an option. As we are a UK based company VAT is payable on all online orders regardless of where the customer is using the app.

Are all the features included in the monthly and annual subscriptions?

What you see is what you get with CoachCam! Everything is included with no restrictions - whoo hoo! That means there are no hidden costs. We may however offer super cool premium features in the future that may become in app purchases. But as it stands you get it all for the price you see.

I bought the App through the Apple App store - how do I cancel?

You can cancel a monthly subscription via your settings in your iTunes Account. If you subscribed to an annual licence you cannot cancel during this time. You can however turn off your auto-renew via the settings in your iTunes Account. For more information on this please visit the Apple Store website.

Can I subscribe with an iTunes Voucher?

Absolutely! Any purchase you make in the App store comes through your iTunes account and is automatically charged / deducted from the balance available via your iTunes account.

CoachCam it

How do I use the tools and see how they work?

We have tutorial videos available via our YouTube Channel - please check them out and make sure you are getting the best results from CoachCam.

What is the difference between saving and exporting?

Saving is when you save a clip you started working on into the CoachCam app

Exporting is when you have finished creating your analysis and are ready to send it to your team / athlete. When you export a video it will export in MP4 file and save to your camera roll like a normal video.

If I save a video on my iPad is it the same video available on my iPhone?

Your file is device specific. So if you start editing on your iPad then you will need to continue on your iPad. It won’t appear on your second device.

Does my CoachCam clip save automatically?

No, you need to actively save the file you are working on from the menu bar at the bottom right.


How many devices does my licence work on?

CoachCam works on up to two different devices. You can change your devices via ‘my account’ settings within the App.

Do I need internet to use CoachCam?

You require internet to sign up via the web and when you log into the app. After that you don’t require the internet making it super easy for you to create videos instantly. Remember you will need internet to share the videos though!


I get the error message ‘oh-oh the video file is too large’

This means that the device you're using can't handle exporting HD video. If you're recording on your device, please adjust the settings in your camera to record at a lower setting. Your settings may vary depending on your device, but you should set it to 720p resolution.

If you're importing video, you'll need to convert it to a lower resolution. You can use any video converter software, but we use Handbrake.

Remember if you are HD your device may not be able to support this and could also take up a large amount of space. CoachCam doesn't support 4K at this time, although it's coming soon!
Will CoachCam work on my device?

CoachCam works on iOS and Android smart phones and tablets.

> Compatible with iOS 7 and later > Compatible with Android 4.4 and later

CoachCam is a mobile app, not PC or Mac based. Unfortunately CoachCam is not compatible with Windows phones.
I have forgotten my password - what do I do?

You can reset your password via Simply go to sign in and select ‘forget password’. You will then be asked for your email and a link will be sent to reset your password.

I am having issues logging onto the app for the first time.

Ensure you have completed the following steps for logging on for the first time:

  • 1. Signed up via
  • 2. Verified your email address
  • 3. Activated your subscription on the web or via the Apple App
  • 4. Opened the app for the first time when logged on while connected to internet
I have done this but it is still not working - what can I do?
  • 1. Check your subscription is active via your account on
  • 2.Close the app properly and log in again (ensure you are connected to the internet)
  • 3. If you have a tried all of the above please do the following:
    • a. Email with the following information
    • b. Brand i.e. iOS or Android
    • c. Version settings > general > about > Version (e.g. 9.3.2 (13F69) (iOS) settings > system > about device > Android Version (e.g. 4.4.4) (Android)
    • d. Model settings > general > about > Model (e.g. MG492B/A) ( iOS) settings > system > about device > Model (e.g. SM-T560) (Android)
    • e. If an error message appears then please tell us what the error message is.
I’ve imported a video but it won't swap between landscape and portrait

Check you have the orientation lock disabled. On iOS, swipe up from the bottom of your iPad, there is a button called Orientation Lock. If it’s enabled, it will be stopping your iPad from changing to the correct orientation.

Get started with CoachCam by downloading the App onto your iOS or Android device. Get it from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

You are now all ready to start using CoachCam, to begin your analysis simply open the CoachCam app on your selected device. If it's the first time you have used the App you will be asked to log in. Use the email address and password you chose when signing up and press the 'Login' button.

Choose 'New Project' to start a new project, then choose either 'Select Video' to choose a video that you have saved on your device, or 'Record Video' to start the Camera App to record a video.

CoachCam will then load the video in the main editor, and will look something like the image below:

CoachCam - Video Analysis for Sport

Tap on the Tools menu icon to select one of the fantastic tools including Text, Lines, Highlight and Cut & Move. Once you have selected a tool, simply use your finger to draw on the screen. The tutorial videos linked above are a great way to see how to use each of the tools.

CoachCam - Video Analysis for Sport

Don’t worry if you make a mistake, CoachCam has the ability to undo or redo any action within the app as well as being able to delete individual actions or whole scenes to make creating your perfect video simple and time efficient.

Once created, you have the ability to edit any scene including the time it is displayed for and the name of the scene itself by accessing the scene selection menu, as shown below:

CoachCam - Video Analysis for Sport

You can save your CoachCam creation at any point in time by selecting ‘Save’ from the main menu. If you have to leave a project unfinished to get back out onto the field or into the gym, then you can continue editing it by selecting a previously saved video from the options when you originally open the CoachCam App.

Once you are happy with your video and completed all of your analysis, you can export to mp4 video by selecting ‘Export’ from the main menu. The video will automatically appear in your devices camera roll if you are using iOS, or in your CoachCam folder if you are using Android.

Check out the FAQ section above for answers to frequently asked questions. Alternativley, get in touch with the CoachCam team at

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